How to access your free sitebuilder with CyberHub

CyberHub helps people and businesses setup their website for free - what is the catch?  Well you need a domain name these cost $29+gst per year and you don't get phone support but that is it. 

The first thing to do is signup for a free webhosting account with CyberHub, once your application has been processed you can then follow the instructions below to login to your account and begin building your website using our sitebuilder software.

How To Access CyberHub's Free Sitebuilder

When you have signed up to CyberHubs free or paid webhosting account you would of gotten an email similar to the following.

Click on the Control Panel URL below (if you can't click on it, cut and paste it into your favorite browser from your email when you signed up).  It is a good idea to save this to your favorites.

CyberHub CPanel Login

This will bring you to the login screen

CyberHub cPanel Login

In your New Account Information email that you got when you signed up to your CyberHub web hosting account you will find your username and password.  Enter those details to log into your cpanel webhosting account login page.

Your cpanel login will look something like this.


Scroll down till you see RVSiteBuilder.


Click on this and it will take you to CyberHub's Free Website Builder that enables you to make your own website step by step.

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