How to setup your Google Apps Account with CyberHub

Google Apps is a great email service provided by Google, many people are familiar with Gmail.  Google Apps is essentially Gmail but allows you to have your own domain name ie [email protected] etc.

To set this up there are a few technical things that you have to do to set it up.  In this knowledgebase article I will explain the steps you will need to take to setup your domain name with Google Apps when you host your domain name with CyberHub.

Transfer or register your domain name with CyberHub

First thing you need is a domain name, if you already have a domain name you can transfer it to CyberHub for free at CyberHub’s domain transfer service  If you don’t have a domain name yet you can register a domain on CyberHub’s domain registration page here 

When you host your domain name with CyberHub you have full control of your domain name nameservers and DNS settings.

When you transfer your domain name to CyberHub your name servers are automatically set to:





Which are CyberHub’s name servers, if you want DNS control for your domains with CyberHub’s webhosting account your nameservers need to be set as the above.

Sign up for a CyberHub webhosting which includes free DNS control.

Once you host your domain with CyberHub you need a hosting account with CyberHub so you can update the DNS.  If you are just wanting to setup Google apps and don’t want to host a website you can order CyberHub’s free webhosting account , but if you would like to host a website as well you can order one of our paid webhosting accounts. 

Sign up for a Google Apps account

Now you have your domain name and webhosting setup you can sign up for your Google Apps account.  Go to the Google Apps sign up page and you can start off with a Free Trial if you want or just sign up for the paid version.  Google Apps signup page.

Follow all the steps to signup for a Google Apps account.

Domain name ownership verification

As part of the process of signing up for a Google Apps hosting account you need to demonstrate to Google that you are indeed the owner of the domain name that you are setting up with Google Apps.  You have several ways of doing this.

·         Create a DNS TXT record

·         Create a DNS Cname record

·         Upload a HTML file to the public_html area of your website

·         Add a tag to your home page

·         Verify using your Google Analytics tracking code

My personal favorite way is uploading a html file to the public_html of your webhosting account, that is publicly accessible.  I like this one because it is quick, pretty easy and instantly checkable.  With some of the others dns updates, it can take a while for dns to update so you may be left waiting around.

I am going to cover how to verify your domain using the html method.  Click on the html file that Google gives you, download it to your desktop.

Then login to your webhosting account with CyberHub 

Click on file manager

Choose web root

You will now be at the public_html folder which is accessible to the public.

Click upload file, and upload the html file that you downloaded from Google to this folder, it is small so it will upload very quickly.

Once you have done that, you can click on the link that Google gives you to check that it is working, if it does not open it means you did something wrong and you need to go back through the steps above and redo it.  Also, if your domain name has only just been ordered it can take up to 24 hours for the domain to be live so you may have to wait, if it is a new domain.

Once you have tested it working you can verify your domain ownership with Google.

Updating your MX Record

Ok you are just about there.  The last step is to update your MX record for your domain name.  Login into your CyberHub webhosting account 

When you make the update make sure that under mail routing you choose Remote Mail Exchanger.  Then below can edit the MX records so they point to the Google Apps email servers.

Priority    Destination








That is it, it can take up to 24 hours for the MX records to update on the internet so don’t panic if it does not happen straight away, but it is normally all working correctly within a couple of hours.

If you have followed all these steps to setup your Google Apps and you are having issues.  Please submit a support ticket to CyberHub and we can assist.

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