How to make your new website while your old site remains live

Step 1 – Sign up

Sign up for the hosting plan that you need.  I suggest signing up for the professional plan as you get a dedicated IP address which is better for Google rankings but that is your choice.

Once you have signed up and made payment with the company credit card, you will get an email with all your hosting details.

Step 2 – Upload your website

Use the ftp details that get emailed to you to upload your website, then export your database from your wamp (Google it if you don’t know how) and import your database into your CyberHub cpanel mysql database.

Step 3 – Update the host file on your PC/Mac

You can update the PC or Macs host file using the following knowledgebase articles.  Your old website will be live to the world and only the PC/Mac’s that you have updated the host file on can view the new site.

Mac host file update

PC Host file update

Step 4 – Going live

Once you have done all that and made all the updates to the website that you want and everyone is happy with hit, you can then transfer the domain name to CyberHub and the site will go live to the world.

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