How to request a cancellation

Requesting a cancallation with CyberHub is a quick and painless exercise.

Please note that when you cancel an account or service with CyberHub you are requesting that CyberHub staff delete your data associated with this account.  Also, DNS settings maybe deleted as well.  So please call if you have any questions regarding this.

First step is to login to your CyberHub account

How to cancel a service with CyberHub

Login with your username which is your email address and your password.  If you have forgotten your password you can click on Request a Password Reset.

Here is the dashboard that you see when you first login to your account.  Click on My Services.

Then to the right of the service that you want to cancel click on the down arrow and then click Request Cancellation.

You can then choose to cancel the service, please provide a briefe description fo the reason for the cancellation and whether you want to cancel immediately or at the end of the billing month.

If you are cancelling a hosting account you also have the choice whether to set the domain name to not to renew when it is due.

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