How to add a signature to Google Apps

Adding a signature in Google Apps is straight forward all you need to do is go to the cog on the top right and then select Settings.

Once you have done that you will be on the General tab of the Settings, scroll down till you see the signature settings.

Enter the text that you would like to appear on the page as your signature.  Typically Name, Title, Business name, phone number etc.

If you would like to add your logo / image to your signature you need to host your logo somewhere, preferabily on your webhosting account, Dropbox, Google Drive or Sky Drive.  Resize your logo to a size approx 300 x 100 pixels and upload your logo to your hosting account.

Test to ensure that your logo is accessable via a browser by entering in the url for your logo.

Once you have tested it working correctly, click on the add image in the menu.

Then enter the url for the logo that you just uploaded to your webhosting account.  You can also upload this image to DropBox, Google Drive or Sky Drive.  Share it with the world and get the link for it and enter it in here as well.

That is it, when ever you select Compose, your email signature will automatically be filled in.

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